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T 1000 Sway Master™ 

Making Cranes Faster, Safer, More Cost Effective


The InVekTek T1000 employs InVekTek's proprietary Sway Master™ command shaping technology to avoid sway on industrial cranes.  It is optimized for all sizes of industrial bridge cranes.  It is especially cost effective for small cranes. 

  • It works on cranes controlled by contactors, soft starts or VFDs

  • It reduces sway by over 80%, and cycle times from 10 to 50% depending on the operator

  • It doesn't require any sensors, including encoders or payload scales

  • It automatically compensates for below the hook rigging

  • It automatically eliminates sway in tandem hook configurations

  • It minimizes accidental collisions, avoiding collateral damage to product, facility, and most importantly, personnel;

  • It reduces wear and tear on the crane for increased MBTF

  • It streamlines new operator training 

  • It promotes energy efficiency by eliminating the need for corrective manipulations 

  • It is extremely cost effective


The T1000 employs a PLC platform optimized for industrial crane applications to host our proprietary Sway Master™ control algorithms and software.  Located in series between the pendant/radio and the bridge and trolley contactors, soft starts or drives, the T1000 intercepts the operator inputs, modifies them using our proprietary algorithms, and sends control commands to the drives to achieve the operator's desired motion without sway.









  • Proprietary Control Algorithms and Software

  • Supports Pendant or Radio controls

  • Mounted in an NEMA 12 Enclosure

  • 120V Discrete I/O

  • 0-10V Analog Outputs

  • 4-20 mA Analogue Outputs

  • Compatible with Contactors, Soft Starts and VFDs

  • Supports Common Control Configurations

1 to 5 multi-step control

2-step infinitely variable control

3-step infinitely variable control

Analog speed reference​

  • ​UL Listed

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