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Making Cranes Faster, Safer, More Cost Effective

SwayMaster anti-sway crane controller
  • Increase productivity 20-50%
  • Reduce collisions by over 80%
  • Automatically compensate for rigging variations
  • Suppress sway on primary and auxiliary hooks
  • Streamline new operator training
  • Support over 8,000 crane configurations
  • No sensors required

Increases Productivity


Sway compromises the cycle time of all industrial cranes. By preventing sway, SwayMaster™ enhances the productivity of expert crane operators, regardless of rigging – single or double hook.

Improves Safety


Operators are under pressure to increase productivity to meet competitive demands.  But productivity improvements usually come at the expense of safety.  Not with SwayMaster™.  Not only does SwayMaster™ reduce cycle time, but it also gives operators better more predictable control of the load.  Because of the improved symmetry between the crane and the load, operators are able to focus exclusively on the load, resulting in fewer collisions and improved overall safety

Compensates for Rigging


Unlike sensor-based systems, SwayMaster™ automatically compensates for rigging.  Rigging not only extends the center of gravity of the pick, but it also introduces a secondary sway.  Sensor based anti-sway systems are not designed to compensate for rigging, and experienced operators know it.  That’s why operators complain and insist that sensor based anti-sway systems be turned off.  Only SwayMaster™ automatically compensates for rigging.

Suppresses Sway on the Primary and Auxiliary Hooks


SwayMaster™ simultaneously prevents sway on both primary and auxiliary hooks.  Many cranes have an auxiliary hook that either shares the same trolley or may even have its own trolley.  SwayMaster™ automatically compensates for sway on both hooks simultaneously.  No sensor based anti-sway system can make that claim.

Streamlines New Operator Training


In many industries, experienced crane operators are retiring or companies have abandoned the “dedicated crane operator” as a cost cutting initiative.  The combined effect of these changes can pose a real challenge to safety on the factory floor. Training new operators takes time and can be costly.  SwayMaster™ dramatically streamlines new operator training, from weeks or months to a matter of hours.

Supports Over 8,000 Crane Configurations

advanced crane controls made simple with iphone configuration
SwayMaster supports over 9,000 different crane configurations standard

SwayMaster™ can easily be configured using a PC, Tablet or Smart Phone.  The advanced control algorithms of SwayMaster™ require only the distance from the hoist to the floor to prevent sway throughout the entire range of motion.  Auxiliary inputs can be used for end of travel limits, collision control, side pull detection and/or no fly zone protection.

Only SwayMaster™ can prevent sway on cranes controlled by contactors.

No Sensors Required


Located in series between the pendant/radio and the bridge and trolley contactors, soft starts or drives, SwayMaster™ intercepts operator inputs, modifies them using our proprietary algorithms, and sends control commands to the actuators to achieve the operator's desired motion without sway.


SwayMaster™ is a configured system.  All of the information needed is loaded at the time of commissioning.  SwayMaster™ does not require sensors like encoders, cameras or inductive rings that dramatically drive-up installed cost.


SwayMaster™ ships pre-wired with a multi conductor interface cable to intercept the operators control inputs from the pendant, radio or cab.  These signals are modified by SwayMaster™ to prevent sway and the new corrected control output signals are then sent to the crane travel actuators.


Most cranes can be configured in less than 4 hours.

SwayMaster easy integration
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